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Choosing the Right Aircraft December 29, 2011 Owning an aircraft is an exciting, liberating and joyful experience. It takes the stress out of travel and can be a valuable business tool, giving you the flexibility and reaction time to compet…
The Aircraft Purchase Process December 29, 2011 The purpose of this article is to take some of the mystery out of the aircraft purchasing process and provide a broad overview of how an aircraft is acquired. Most aircraft acquisitions involve a team of professionals including an aircraft broker, an airc…
Don't Put Your Client's Shiny New Corporate Jet in to a Sole-Asset LLC December 29, 2011 admin (Unless You Really Want to Create an Airline) By David T. Norton ©2005 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED As Published in the April, 2002, edition of the Texas Bar Journal You recently assisted a client in the purchase of a multi-engine jet aircraft for business…

Useful Links

We've compiled a list of manufacturers' websites, along with links to resources we've found useful in the past.
For anyone thinking of buying or selling an airplane, check out the Resources on our website first, but you may also find these sites helpful:

Manufacturer websites:

Cessna (Citation website) —
Hawker Beechcraft/King Airs —
Bombardier (Learjet, Challenger, Global) —
Gulfstream —
Embraer —

Informational links:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) —
National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) —
Controller (publicly-available aircraft listings) —
Airnav (airport information and fuel prices) —
Flight Aware (flight tracking) —
FAA Pilots Website —
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association —

Helpful Tools:

Loan Calculator (simple interest loan payment calculator) —
Weather Reports: